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Working Out with Confidence

May 27, 2016

*This post is sponsored by Poise Impressa,  Thoughts and opinions are my own.

I’m letting you guys in on a little secret.  My bladder hasn’t been the same since I gave birth to Peyton almost 6 years ago.  Since having Harper it’s gotten even worse.   I can’t cough or sneeze with out peeing on myself.  I know, TMI.  I thought it happened to everyone until I shared my problem with a few people and they didn’t have the same problems.  I thought in for the rest of my life, I would have to wear those big bulky pads.  I’ve found a product, Impressa by Poise, that helps me to do things I want to do with out worrying about light bladder leakage without wearing a bulky pad.

impressa 2 impressa 3

At first I could get by just wearing a regular panty liner to catch my slight bladder leakage.  Back when I was still working my 9 to 5, one day I was just parking my car ready to start my day and then I sneezed.  I immediately started my car and headed back home because I messed up my clothes.  Thank God I have leather seats!  How embarrassing.  Right then I knew I had to step my game up.
impressa 4

Impressa gives me the confidence to work out without having to worry about leaving my favorite Zumba classes to use the restroom.  During my weekly trip to Walmart, I picked up an Impressa sizing kit to see which one works best for my light bladder leakage.  It goes in like a tampon and supports the urethra to control bladder leakage.  I know what your thinking, who wants to wear a tampon when they are not on their period.  Me!  This has a totally different feel than a tampon.  A tampon is used to absorb liquid, Impressa is to support the urethra.

I feel like I have my life back.  No more wearing bulky pads to the gym.  Now I can sneeze, laugh and workout in confidence!  If you are in the same situation as me, I suggest for a few dollars, head to Walmart and pick up the Poise Impressa sizing kit.  Thank me later!

  • Shilene
    May 28, 2016 at 3:23 pm

    I don’t have this problem but who’s to say I won’t in the future. Thank you for being transparent and sharing this info. Not too many women would admit to this. I’m sure someone reading this appreciates this blog post ?