Quick Closet Clean Up

May 1, 2020

Yes, I’m still cleaning! What else is there to do? Well, there is plenty to do but being stuck in the house bored, you get over looking at a mess really quick. I’ve made my way through Peyton and Harper’s rooms, but my room has been a disaster. The entrance into my master closet is my dumping ground. Full of things that I’ve purchased or recently wore. I teamed up with Erin from Live Pretty on a Penny to dedicate to cleaning one space in an hour.

Closet before
Closet organization
Closet organization
Sunglasses storage

Closet System, Container Store | Sunglass display, Amazon | Bamboo trays, Aldi | Gray containers, Container Store | Baskets, Target

I’m going to keep it one hundred, this took me longer than an hour. I was shopping and trying on things as I purged. I ended up with a full lawn trash bag of stuff as well as donations. I think I got rid of 50% or more of the junk!

Accessories are my thing! Always have been. Having storage for all my accessories is important. Also being able to see them helps me to use them. In addition to my accessory board that we installed a few years ago, I added this sunglasses stand. All my shades were either stuck in the armrest of my car or in one of these containers and never seen again. I decided to purge my shades down to my favorites. I got the idea to display them after watching one of my faves on IG and hers looked like Sunglass Hut.

So happy to have my closet organized. Since I’m not going anywhere soon, it should stay this way for a while. Make sure you follow me on IG (@heytrinasmall) and the hashtag #speedcleaningquarantine to check out all the ladies that have joined in with Live Pretty on a Penny.

What places have you cleaned since being on quarantine?