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  • Harper got her bedroom “office” update. I styled the book shelves (she has a ton in her closet) and added a dry erase board.  She loves to practice her letter on it. Just after one day, her markers were confiscated 😒. Not sure what my next project will be.  I’m avoiding my closet but I seriously need to tackle that asap. You can find more pics of her room on the blog.  Link in profile. #heytrinashome #kidsdecor
  • My first time doing braid with hair ever! I did box braids on Peyton’s hair using @latchednhooked pre-stretched hair.  I’m so happy with how they came out I’m tempted to doing some on myself 😳. I used the rubber and method. Ore pics on the blog. Would you try these?  If you try this please share with me! #boxbraids #girlbraidstyles #latchednhooked #protectivestyles #diybraids https://heytrina.com/easy-box-braids-you-can-do-yourself-video/
  • My favorite part of Peyton’s bedroom refresh is her art from @sheisthisdesigns! I need to order more for Harper’s room and my new office space. I dreamed of having a room like Peyton’s when I was growing up (sometimes now 😆). She’s also has a closet to die for.  I always tell her if she can’t keep it clean, I’m putting my stuff in there.  We’ll be cleaning that out soon! Paint color is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.  More room pics on the blog. Link in profile. #heytrinashome
  • Picture of my girls actually fighting against doing any school work.  This homeschooling thing is a full time job! Mr has locked himself in my old office leaving me to fend for myself. I’ve decided to give the girls and myself grace (and 🍷). Not that I’m letting them win, after hours of going back and fourth I have to know when to call it a day.  One night I was up with Peyton till almost 10 helping her finish her work and I knew this can’t be life.  So we’re working about 2-3 hrs a day on school plus reading.  That’s all i got.  Just praying  she passes 4th grade 😩. How’s it going for you guys? #graceandmercy shirts fine @pintsizefaith
  • Another project under my quarantine belt! Peyton’s pre-tween bedroom refresh is done! It looks so good and matches the vibe of the rest of the house. Peyton wanted to kick the bright pinks to the curb. Now Harper wants her room update 😒. Her only update will be a good cleaning 😩. Spent less than $100. Swipe to see the before that was already cute. Links to everything on the blog (link in profile) #heytrinashome
  • Spring is here but no spring break 😓. Just over here washing my hands, trying to stay positive and plotting where I’m going when this is all over. Homeschool was a fail this week but I did finish my new Supermomculture.com site, set up my new workspace and deep cleaned my kitchen.  Currently happy hour at the crib. Can’t wait to rock this @suakokobetty outfit again.
  • My 2nd quarantine project is complete! So y’all remember that cute office I had.... well Mr stole it a few years ago even though it has pink accents 😒. My pictures are still on the wall an everything.  Since then, my main office has been the kitchen counter with my laptop. How am I supposed to run a multi-thousand dollar business from the counter? Being a blogger is one thing but having a retail business is another beast. I have a computer in my guest room where I package orders but it was on a small writers desk with no room for papers or anything.  It was getting too hectic. So I switched the room around to make more space to fulfill orders and work. I shopped my basement to put it together. I super excited to have a new space where I can leave my papers and planners. My desk is the Linnmon desk from Ikea. I already had 2 of these tables that are on the other side of the printer for @supermomculture orders. PS: while I’m being productive my kids aren’t 🤷🏾‍♀️ #heytrinashome
  • Trying not to come out of this self quarantine 50lbs heavier.  The girls and I did a 30 min Tabata and they are now doing hip hop routines on YT.  I wrote a post last year sharing my favorite free home workouts.  Visit the blog and search workouts or watch my stories for swipe up.  Doing my best to stay busy and being productive cuz after cleaning my kitchen, I haven’t done anything else 😩. Outfit from @jdowfitness #homeworkouts
  • Speed kitchen deep clean! Taking this time to get my home in order. I used several products including my favorite stainless steel wipes. I used a mixture of warm water and vinegar to clean the floors by hand. There are a lot of ways you can disinfect with what you have at home since everyone finally decided to clean up now. I’m also counting this as my home workout 🏋🏾‍♀️
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Diet Diaries: What I’m Eating

February 18, 2016

My weigh-loss plan has been going awesome.  If you haven’t heard, I’m doing Weight Watchers with Oprah (in my head).  The Weight Watchers plan has always worked for me.  I love bread and pasta.  Weight Watchers allows me to keep eating the things that I love.  I shared last week my diet tips.  This week I’m sharing my favorite Weight Watchers meals.  Once I find something I like and helps my waistline, I’ll keep it on repeat.  ww meals

weight watcher meals 2

  1.  Egg white omelette with grapes (0 sp).  Yes, zero!  I use liquid egg whites, fat-free shredded cheese, spinach, green peppers, and tomatoes.  On Weight Watcher, veggies and fruits are zero points and so are liquid egg whites.
  2. Cheeseburger with baked chips (8 sp).  I use the leanest ground beef I can find, 93% or higher.  The leaner the meat, less points.  I use an english muffin (3 sp) as a bun to save a few points.  I top the burger with fat-free cheese, spinach and tomatoes.  My side is baked chips at 5 sp.
  3. Meatball Sub Bake (9 sp).  I found this recipe on Tasty Facebook Page.  I used turkey meatballs, fat free cheese and low fat crescent rolls. DELISH! Find the original recipe here.
  4. Roasted Lemon Pepper Wings (1 sp each).  It’s hard to calculate wings but I only like drumettes and I don’t clean the bone.  I seasoned the wings heavy with Lawry’s lemon pepper seasoning with zest.  I roasted them in the oven until they were well done to give me a crispy feel.  They taste awesome with some low-fat blue cheese salad dressing.
  5. Flatbread Pizza (3 sp).  Using a flatbread wrap, I spread on some spaghetti sauce and add some fat free mozzarella.  Top it with some vegetables and bake for 12 mins at 400.  Make sure you spray Pam on the pan you use.
  6. Chicken Breast Wrap (5 sp).  Using a whole wheat wrap and spread on some Laughing Cow cheese (1 sp), lettuce and 2-3 oz of chicken breast deli meat.  The cheese gives it a lot of flavor.
  7. Taco Salad (7sp).  Rather than waste point on flour tortilla shells, I make my taco in to a salad.  I add my usual taco (lean) taco meat to a bed of lettuce.  I add a spoon full of corn, black beans, avocado, salsa, fat-free cheese, and fat-free sour cream.
  8. Tuna Salad with Crackers (3 sp).  I use tuna in water (pouch) and mix it with a hard boiled egg white, 1 tbsp of light mayo, 1 tsp of relish.  If you use a more mayo you’ll add more points.
  9. Chili Mac (7 sp).  I prepare my pot of chili with 1/3 lb of ground chicken breast meat, 1/2 can of black beans, can of diced tomatoes and chili mix.  I place the chili over a bowl of whole wheat spaghetti.  Save a ton of points by skipping the spaghetti (5 sp).

*sp means Weight Watchers Smart Points

Eating these meals keep me full and satisfied.  Like I mention in my 9 Diet Tips (HERE), tweak old recipes to work for your weight-loss plan.  I make sure I use fat-free meat and cheese.  I’ve saved so many Weight Watchers point just by doing those two things.  I’ve hope my meals give you some new ideas to try, especially if you are WW.  If you have a go-to yummy healthy meal please share in the comments.  Feel free to add a link if you have one!

  • Lauren
    February 19, 2016 at 9:35 am

    Trina! All of this looks delish! I might need to try WW, cause see the way this post baby body is set up….Let us pray! LOL. Good job.

  • Bobbie
    February 19, 2016 at 10:59 am

    Trina…girl these dishes look delish and very low in points! I haven’t done weight watchers in about 7yrs, but I may give it a try again. Keep up the good work, chica!

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