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Under Ten

February 12, 2016

I swear Valentine’s Day has crept up on me.  I’m not ready!  So this is not a Valentine’s Day inspiration look but a cute look under $10.  Now that I have two beautiful growing babies, I really have to cut back on my spending.  I can’t just ball out at the mall for myself anymore.  Therefore my style is changing.  I’m more specific with my purchases.  I’m no…

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On the Fringe

January 29, 2016

This week has been rough.  I had a cold last weekend and I guess I passed it on to Harper.  Her little coughs and sneezes hurt my soul.  But then her temperature started to rise and she became lethargic.  I took her to the pediatrician.  The doctor suspected she had a urinary tract infection.  Apparently baby girls can get them.  And it has nothing to do with dirty diapers…

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Flannels + Spanx

November 19, 2015

After nine months, I’ve been eagerly anticipating getting back into regular clothes.  But my clothes aren’t ready for me.  I’ve had to find a few key pieces that are comfortable and fit my post baby body.  Between post-op and newborn appointments, I’m constantly having to find something to wear.  My favorite go to item are oversized flannel tops and leggings.  Luckily, I just became a Spanx ambassador and…