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Black Girl Love

March 4, 2020

Valentine’s Day and Black History month are both over but I want to show love to the little black girls. Oh, what a time it is to be a young black girl. I’m happy that my girls are growing up during this Black Girl Magic movement. This is the totally opposite of my youth experience.

I grew up in a predominantly white area and schools. Being black or brown was not celebrated. I was called the N-word and was told by “friends” that they couldn’t play we me anymore. I had thick skin and was on some “F you, your loss” or they would catch these hands.

Instead of waiting for someone to celebrate us, we have rallied together to celebrate ourselves. Black Girl Magic is at an all-time high. Black women are becoming self-made millionaires at unheard of rates. We’re showing up and supporting each other like never before! Even with the situation like what Honey Pot (that is black woman owned) is going through, you

Even with the situation like what Honey Pot (that is a black woman-owned) is going through, you can’t stop us. We turn our obstacles into motivation.

Sweatshirt, H&M | Jeans, Justice | Boots, Uggs via Ross

One day I hope that the barriers against us will be gone. If they are still there, we will continue to break them as we have before. I hope that others will start to understand that the uplifting of one group doesn’t mean the oppression of another.

Post update: I went on a rant on IG about trying to get my kids to act right. I created a Reward Chart for the girls. Click HERE for your free printable. Tag me on IG (@heytrinasmall) if you use it. Good luck!

  • Shalyce Tyson
    March 4, 2020 at 10:42 am

    Well said! Here for all this black girl magic! Love Peyton’s outfit.