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Tips to Encourage Kids to Stay Safe

June 22, 2018

This post is sponsored by COUNTRY Financial. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

June is National Safety Month.   Having active kids makes you think more about keeping them safe. I think more about “what ifs” for all situations. I’ve been doing my best to teach the kids the importance of safety even when I’m not around. I’m happy to be partnering with COUNTRY  Financial to share a few tips to encourage kids to stay safe.

Always buckle up! Make sure you buckle your child every time and let them know why it’s important to do so.

Always wear a helmet when playing on bikes and scooters. Let your kids know that wearing helmets and kneepads can help them prevent major boo-boos. Maybe remind them of a time when they hurt themselves and that you don’t want them to do it again. Even Harper understands that she needs a helmet each time she gets on her scooter or bike.

Listen to the adult in charge. If you’re not around let your child know they need to listen to the adult (that they know) in charge. This is important for school activities, field trips, and sports. A personal introduction to your child and the adult in charge does wonders. They should always tell an adult if something is wrong or they need help.

Follow directions. In addition to listening to adults, let your child know that they should not use toys, bikes or equipment for no other reason than they are intended for. We all know kids are good for using toys for ladders * insert eye roll emoji *.

Beware of your surroundings. I encourage Peyton to stay away from crowded areas and hills when she’s riding her bike. We only let her ride in parks and not on the street. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m going to wait until she gets a drivers license before she can take it to the streets.

Those are my simple tips to encourage kids to stay safe on their own. Keeping your family safe overall is something we all worry about. Protection our families and homes is very important. COUNTRY Financial has resources that can protect us from the unexpected. Whether it’s a minor injury or a major fire, COUNTRY Financial has products that will help feel more secure in these situations. Learn more about COUNTRY Financial HERE.

What do you do to encourage your kids to stay safe?