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What Can You Buy with a $75 Gift Card to Zutano?

September 27, 2012
Today is the last day for the Zutano Children’s Wear giveaway!!!  I thought I would share recent fabulous items I purchased online from Zutano! The shopping continues!!!  

Pool Toddler Bodice Jacket and Super Stripe Scarf (sold separately)

Moonflower Henley Dress

I got the brilliant idea to get some matching socks for both outfits!  This 3 Pack has different sizes, tights, knee high, and crew cut.  How cute are the tights going to look with Peyton’s new dress?

So I went a little over $75 spending about $100 total.  I just had to have the scarf and socks : ).  Peyton now has some items that she can mix and match and will last for a while.

What would you buy from Zutano with a $75 gift card?  Giveaway ends tonight!  Enter HERE!

*I received a gift card to Zutano for attending a private party in NYC

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