Mamanista Style for the Holidays

December 17, 2010

My life has changed dramatically since having Peyton.  During this time last year… or should I say the year before since I was preggers last year, I would be hitting the malls hard looking for something to wear to Christmas or Holiday party.  That’s not happening this year.  I am not even in the mood to try and get glamourous, I got milk flowing everywhere and still sporting a bit of a baby bump : ).  But if something were to go down I thought this would be a perfect Mommanista Holiday outfit.

Dress is from LuLus for $48! Jewelry is from Forever 21.  Shoes are Guess from Nordstroms for $99. The whole look is under $200.  Throw on some Spanx, I”m ready to go!  If you have some metalic gold shoes of your own you’ll only be out $60!  Too bad I can’t fit any of my shoes since having the baby!

Here are some runner up dresses I like from LuLus.