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I Heart the Verizon Blackberry Z10

April 28, 2013

I’ve had the new Blackberry Z10 on Verizon for a few weeks.  I had a problem with the SIM card and had to get a new one so I am a little behind on trying out the new device.  I told you guys that I was a former “crack”berry addict HERE.  I was very reluctant to let my old Blackberry go to get a new Android or Iphone.  I’m finally getting my feet fingers wet with the new Blackberry Z10.

My biggest fear of trying a new device is that it will not be user friendly.  To my surprise the Blackberry Z10 on Verizon has been very user friendly!  The phone is loaded with videos showing you how to use features.  Anything I wanted to know I could type it in the search (like a mini Google).  The Blackberry Z10 does not have a “home” button.  Everything is done with a swipe.  Swipe up if you need to get to the home screen!

Here are the main screens on the Blackberry Z10.  I love that you can see the recently used apps on one screen.  I hate having to go in and out of apps!

Don’t mind my wolf knuckles!  One of my fave features so far on the Blackberry Z10 is the Blackberry HUB!  Swipe to the right and you can see all the latest alerts on your phone!  You can also respond to an email, text, or updated right from the Hub! 

Don’t you hate auto-correct?  You end up sending sexually explicit messages to your mom or co-workers! LOL!  The Blackberry Z10 gives you options while you type.  If you see the word, which is over the next letter it thinks you are going to type, you just “flick” it up into your message!  Loves it!

You can change the font sizes!!!  I am not sure if my other phone can do this but I have yet to find out where to go!  I am blind as a bat and I hate wearing glasses in public so being able to change the font size is pretty awesome!  I was surprise and happy that the fonts changed in the apps!  
So far I am loving this phone!  Only con with this phone is the battery life!  I hope to learn ways to help preserve the battery.

*Verizon provided me with the device and service in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • tasha
    April 28, 2013 at 8:04 pm

    I am glad you like the phone. I wont ever leave my iphone I have it since they launched. I have heard great things about the z10. Does it have instagram?

  • Candace Howe
    April 28, 2013 at 10:52 pm

    So far so good I’m itching to get back to the crackberry are all or most iPhone apps available for it? Hope there’s a solution to battery life too

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