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5 Tips from Yummy Spoonfuls to Keep Your Child Eating Healthy

June 17, 2016

Now that I’m home with my kids full-time, one item high on my priority list was making sure my kids eat healthy. I make sure the kids drink plenty of water too . We recently purchased a water ionizer after consulting Water Filter Way. Our water quality has improved so much ever since. I’ve been making Harper’s baby food since she was 6 months and meals for the family at least 4 nights a week. As a former anti-cooker, I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job. There’s room for improvement but I know that healthy eating habits start young. Not every mom is able to make baby food or cook healthy meals every night. What’s a mom to do? Yummy Spoonfuls founder, Agatha Achindu and co-founder, Camila Alves McConaughey have some great healthy eating tips to keep your kids on the healthy track. I recently participated in a Hangout with Agatha and Camila and here is a summary of some of the tips shared.
5 Tips yummy

  1. Stay consistent. Try to keep fresh fruit and veggies available for each meal. Your child will get used to them being a part of their meal versus, what’s that on my plate. yummy spoonfuls 2
  2. Lead by example. Make sure you’re eating right too. Kids are watching and the last thing you need them to say they don’t want to eat vegetables because you don’t. So take one for the team.
    yummy spoonfuls 3
  3. Don’t stock junk food. This works with number 2. If they don’t see it, they won’t ask for it. If you want to scarf down a candy bar, do it when they’re not around.
  4. Hide the veggies. When I say hide, I mean sneak them in. Make fruit smoothes and add some kale or spinach. They’ll never know. It’s also easy to add to sauce based meals like spaghetti.
    yummy spoonfuls 4
  5. Stock up on Yummy Spoonfuls. Made with all organic, non-GMO ingredients, Yummy Spoonfuls provides baby and toddler food just like you would make at home. Perfect for working moms or moms on the go (aren’t we all on the go).

Harper recently tested out Yummy Spoonfuls and she loves it. Her current fave is the banana, blueberry and brown rice. I’m looking forward to try the stage three meals when she turns 12 months. Yummy Spoonfuls meals are perfect when I don’t have time to make Harper’s meals or leave her with a babysitter.

I love that Yummy Spoonfuls doesn’t add anything extra. No sugar, no juice, no additives and no GMOs. Yummy Spoonfuls can now be found in the frozen section at Target stores. I frequent Target a few times a week, so this is very convenient for me. You can learn more about Yummy Spoonfuls HERE. How do you make sure your kids are eating healthy?

*This post is sponsored by Target for Yummy Spoonfuls. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

  • Toia B.
    June 18, 2016 at 10:55 am

    When my son first started solids around 6 months, it was all about jarred foods partially because of convenience but also because I was nervous about making my own. As he got closer to a year & grew more teeth, I started experimenting with homemade based on the jarred foods he liked.

    I began with a sweet potato, carrot & apple mix, started adding chicken and then whatever greens I have on-hand. We still do fruit cups but dinner always consists of homemade to make sure he gets the healthy foods he needs.

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