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Spanx Haters

January 11, 2011

Ok, raise you hand if you heart Spanx!  Exactly!  What would we do with out them???  I would have serious muffin tops and could not wear half my clothes.  They allow us to put on jeans, or even wear a belt….

There are some haters out there.  I just read this article on MSN saying that Spanx is getting flack from the Power Momma Spanx trying to say that even if you pregnant you should try to look skinny…. umm…yeah. When I was preggers I ordered some of these right away!  I loved them!  They helped my back and my behind.  I didn’t always want to wear a mu mu.  These allowed me to wear different outfits.  Check me out at my baby shower and I got my spanx on.

That’s me in a tight dress and Mister (isn’t he cute 🙂  See how big I was and I had another month to go.  Thank God for Spanx!

  • Ashley @ Little Miss Momma
    January 11, 2011 at 6:58 am

    i am 100% a fan of spanx!!!
    And WOW you looked so beautiful pregnant! What a gorgeous couple!