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Sheex Performance Sheets Review & Giveaway $200 Value!

November 19, 2012

Holidays are coming!  Time to start thinking about gifts or what you want to buy for yourself!  Sheex should be added to the list!  While attending BlogHer in NYC, I met the Sheex Team!

What is Sheex?  Sheex are the first luxury performance bed sheets.  Inspired by professional-quality athletic fabric, Sheex offers a high level comfort and performance to help you sleep better.  Lawd knows I need better sleep!  Sheex was awesome enough to let me leave with twin set of sheets and a travel pillow.  They also let me spoon my bff in the bed they had set up at BlogHer (Click HERE for proof).  Sheex feel like you are sleeping on 10,000 thread count sheets!!!  Peyton uses the Sheex travel pillow on her bed.  Sheex also offers crib fitted sheets for babies!

Sleeping better and longer has been shown to lead to improvements in important areas such as heart rate, mood, weight loss, energy levels and even athletic performance. A commitment to improving your sleep quality is about more than just sleep itself – it’s a commitment to improving your overall health and wellness so you can perform at your peak each and every day.

How Sheex Works:

  • Superior Feel
    Ridiculously soft and luxurious to the touch for unrivaled comfort
  • Temperature Control
    Transfers body heat 2X better than traditional bedding for deeper, more restorative sleep
  • Breathability
    Breathes nearly 50% better than cotton
  • Precision Fit
    Flexible microfibers offer optimum fit on all mattress types
  • Moisture Transport
    Wicking properties keep you dry and comfortable
  • Durability
    Advanced fade, wrinkle and shrink resistance
  • This is Epic!  Sheex has been so generous to give one lucky Baby Shopaholic reader a set of Sheex Performance Sheets!  This giveaway is over $200 value (depending on bed size)!  The winner will get to pick the size.  Giveaway will End on November 30 and winner will be contacted by Sheex.  Open to US addresses only.

    Ridiculously easy to ENTER!  Click HERE!  Just enter your name and email and you are in! Visit  

    What do you look for in a set of sheets?  Are you familiar with Sheex?

    *Disclosure: I was gifted a set of Sheex for review purposes.  Thoughts and opinions are my own. 

      • Danyel Young
        November 19, 2012 at 4:27 pm

        Just entered, whew whooo!

      • Bernetta
        November 19, 2012 at 4:31 pm

        I entered!

      • Tiffany
        November 20, 2012 at 7:57 pm

        Oh. My. God. I so need these! My sheets are a hot mess. Grease stains from little monkeys hiding under my comforter eating chips, masterpieces from “washable” marker, and a new hole from an “accident” with scissors. These look and sound divine!

      • Charee
        November 21, 2012 at 3:56 am

        I finally entered!! LOL

      • Your Unexpected Beauty (Yolanda)
        November 26, 2012 at 11:30 pm

        I need my sheets to be SUPER soft and durable.