Christmas Shopping List

December 14, 2010

With Christmas coming up I am trying to slow down having Peyton pick out clothes.  She has enough clothes to get thru the winter as long as she doesn’t have another huge growth spurt. I want to get her more toys since she is starting to get in everything.  But after a shopping trip to Target last week I don’t think she likes toys.. just clothes. 

I showed her different toys and she was so un-interested.  I showed her this cute baby purse! 

This purse is $17.99 and comes with a mirror, $1 (fake of course), keys, lipstick and a bracelet.  The bag is pretty cute.  I showed it to her and she just turned away in boredom.
Then to the Glo Seahorse for $13.99.  This is supposed to help babys sleep at night.  According to my research it is a “must have”.

Hated it!

The baby kitchen. for $39.99… not interested in this either but she may have to sit down with it first. 

I think I might still give these items a try for Peyton’s first Christmas but I will also pick out her a few fits as well.