• Hung out with LEGO Santa for a bit this morning at #legolandatlanta at Phipps Plaza. This year I’m trying to be more intentional about getting the girls out to do Holiday activities even though mama tired. What activities do you do with your kids during the holidays.  Looking for ideas.
  • Cold & Flu season has hit our home! #VicksPartner After all the guests left from Thanksgiving, someone forgot to take their cold with them.  Poor Harper has been coughing like crazy and then Peyton started. Luckily I had the new @Vicks_US Children's Cough & Congestion medicine on deck.  Vicks Children's medicine provided fast relief and is free of artificial dyes and flavors, high fructose corn syrup and alcohol. Mr. was like " This stuff is good, she hasn't coughed all day". Stock up now because that cold train is never late!  Link in profile to learn more.  Use as directed and keep out of reach of children. #vickschildrens
  • I remember when I used to make holiday gift guides for everyone on your lists.  Now, I need y’all to tell me what to buy for gifts.  I haven’t purchased one gift yet. I’m struggling what to buy Peyton and Mr. Please leave ideas in the comments. Bonus points if it’s BOB. Don’t forget to order your @greentopgifts Clarence Claus paper and gifts! 📷 @kaynjames
  • Holiday table & dining room reveal all in one. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around these parts with my #DollarTree table. Details on my dining room coming soon. Link in profile. I’ve also teamed up with some amazing lifestyle & home bloggers of color for more holiday inspiration! @heytrinasmall
  • Do y’all remember when Peyton used to do outfit posts every week (for years)?! Harper looks like Peyton here. Or maybe it’s because this is Peyton’s old coat that I got from @byaracely 😆. Harper put this whole look together, i just to button her up.  This baby has style. Outfit details on the blog heytrina.com & link in profile.
  • Just when I thought I had my house together and could rest, we got another surprise issue.  While we take are of that issue here’s Harper’s updated big girl room.  She graduated from new toddler bed (that she never slept in) to a shinny new daybed. I wanted to maximize her play space and a daybed was the best option. There’s also a trundle underneath so it was perfect while we hosted guests during Thanksgiving. #toddlerroomdecor #bohodecor
  • It’s Cyber Monday! This is the last day of @supermomculture sale! All tees including Superdad tees are $20 and FREE shipping! Save on hats & hoodies too! Even the bling Supermom hoodies but those are almost gone. Thank you guys for your support of #supermomculture 🦸🏾‍♀️😘
  • It’s small business Saturday! Let’s invest in our faves or a new small business today.  If you can, support a small BOB by pledging to spend at least $40 between now and Monday.  You can snag this cute #mommyandme blanket scarf on sale at @unlikelymarket. 📷 @kaynjames
  • So the dads have been begging for a Superdad hoodie (Mr especially). So I decided to let them live a little.  Limited time only! Grab them during our #blackfriday sale that ends at midnight. Mr is wearing XL. No discount code required.  Price will update in the cart.  #supermomculture
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Moms Trying to do it All: Tia + Tamera

July 11, 2013

Are you a mommy trying to do it all?  *Raises Hand*

The struggle is real!  After becoming a mom I didn’t know how hard it would be to work full-time, take care of Peyton, Mister & my mother as well as trying to pursue my dreams.  I’m dedicated to my job. I’m blessed to have a career that I enjoy and pays the bills.  I want to spend as much time with Peyton as possible because I work all day.

But what about doing what I love?  I pay a big price to do what I love and to have this outlet.  I run on a few hours of sleep trying to blog after Peyton goes to bed.  I’m  not able to hang out with my besties as much as I would love too because I have to save the few times that I get out of the house for hosting gigs.  Between my mom going in and out of the hospital recently and just everyday life, it has been a struggle.  Sometimes I wonder when my breaking point coming.  Don’t mind me if I have a nervous breakdown : ).

Twins, Tia & Tamera what to have it all!  Season three of “Tia & Tamera” follows these new moms trying to do it all.

Season three of “Tia & Tamera” follows the twin sisters as they redefine their roles and tackle new ventures, from an exciting business opportunity to big projects to a baby in the family.

For Tia, she embraces her fun, sexy side now that Cree is a little older while she prepares for a new TV series role that will allow her to showcase her comedic chops once again. Tamera begins to stand up more to her sister by expressing her opinions – even if it’s opposite Tia’s – and looks to turn her ability to gab into a full-time gig as a talk show host. As business partners, the sisters are eager to debut their next product line for moms – a cream to help reduce stretch marks. Yet, they have different views on how to run their business which causes tension between the close twins.

Check out this brief promo for the new season of Tia & Tamera below.

Do you think moms can have it all?  How do you “Do it All”?  Will you be watching season three of Tia & Tamera? For more info and show times click HERE to visit the Style Network

Tia & Tamera also have a fun Sweepstakes! In honor of the Season Premiere of Tia & Tamera, we want to know “Who Is Your &?” Your bestie, your sibling, your significant other, your pet? 

To participate:
1. FOLLOW @Celebuzz and @TheStyleNetwork on Instagram
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*This article is sponsored by The Style Network

  • Renae
    July 11, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    I totally agree that its hard trying to have and do it all. But, I do think “US” moms can have it all, just maybe not all at the same time.

  • Tia
    July 11, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    It’s tough. As a military wife it’s very hard to find that balance because we don’t live near family or close friends. When you never have a trusted babysitter it can be hard to find time for date nights or for yourself. I try to stay on a schedule as much as I can. This helps me predict when my kids will be asleep and I can find time for blogging or girl talk. It’s tough and it doesn’t always happen but it’s worth the try. Love Tia and Tamera!!

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