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Happy Birthday

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Happy 2nd Birthday Harper

September 17, 2017

Today is Harper’s 2nd Birthday!  How did two years go by so fast?  I seriously just had her.  At the young age of two this little girl has so much personality, just don’t get on her bad side.  She’s so smart and is already a problem solver.  When I say problem solver, I mean if there is something she wants to get to, she’s going to find a…

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Golden Birthday, 7 Years of Peyton

July 7, 2017

My baby doll is 7 years old today.  This is her lucky 7th birthday.  Turning 7 on July 7th.  I’m blessed to have such a wonderful daughter.  Peyton is so sweet, kind, giving and loving.  She helps without out me having to ask.  She watches out for her little sister and makes sure she is safe.  Peyton is also smart and a hard worker.  If you’ve ever come…

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Peyton’s American Girl Birthday

July 11, 2016

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Last week was rough for America.  I don’t know what the solution is but we need to do something so that there is no more human loss.  I’m praying for all the families of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and the officer’s in Dallas.  My heart breaks for them. Peyton’s had a birthday party every year since she was born.  I…