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Score at BRU!

December 6, 2010

This weekend P and I went to Babies R Us.  I was told they had a great clearance sale.  I get there and find out they have everything on clearance for $5!  Not sure how long its going on for but the racks were almost empty so it looks to have been going on for a while.  While I had to get some other items to get I didn’t want to go over board.  Peyton was sleep on in the stroller so I had to do all the picking. I ended up with 5 items.

We got two sleep n play suits, normally $18 each.
Leather (pleather) dress! This is going to be so hot!
An everyday carters outfit, reg $25
Black Puff coat, normally $35

For $25 total I would say we made out good!

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