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My Baby Loves Shopping

December 4, 2010

I decided to start this blog because my baby and I love to shop.  Peyton (my almost 5 month baby) has been picking out most of her clothes since 3 months!  I know that sounds crazy but she does.  I go to the store and pick up things I think are cute.  Then I will hold them up for her to look at.  She gets totally exited when I do that so I end up getting it.  She even makes choices.  I will show her two things, put one in each had and she looks at them both and then goes back to one and gets excited about it.  She always makes great choices!

I also like to believe my baby has great style. Since she has been born we have been on the search to find new and cool things.  Things that look great and also items that make our life a little easier.  Then when I get them I am either asked where did I find them or telling some one about it.  I figured this would be a way to share great baby style and deals.  This would also document my baby Peyton’s fashion journey.  Hope you enjoy.