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#BagLadiesLive at #Blogalicious5

October 3, 2013

Today kicks off the 5th annual Blogalicious Conference!  This year the conference is being held in Atlanta!  WooHoo!  I didn’t have to travel ($$$)!  This isn’t my first Blogalicious rodeo!  I went two years ago when the conference was held in DC.  I wasn’t even a year into blogging when I went but I made some of my greatest connections there.  One of the connections I made was with Bag Ladies Radio creator and producer, Erin.  Since meeting Erin two years ago, I’m now one of her co-host for the Bag Ladies Radio show.  Meeting Erin, led to me meeting my bloggy BFF Danielle from The Style and Beauty Doctor, who was co-hosting the show when I came on as a guest.  See how Gawd works?  I’m telling you guys this story to say that Bag Ladies Radio will be LIVE at Blogalicious 5!

Bag Ladies Radio is the official social media partner for this years Blogalicious!  During the Blogalicious conference the Bag Ladies Radio Team will be hosting a fabulous suite sponsored by EDEN Body WorksFabKidsLulu*s and Flat Out of Heels.  We will dishing on the fashion scene, speakers, recaps and GIVEAWAYS!  Follow us on twitter with the hashtag #BagLadiesLive and @BabyShopa, @BagLadiesRadio @StyleNBeautyDoc.

I’m looking forward to seeing “old” internet buddies and meeting new ones!  Are you heading to Blogalicious?  Make sure you stop by our suite! 

This post is sponsored by the Bag Ladies Radio suite sponsors.

  • BonBon Rose Girls Kristin
    October 3, 2013 at 9:24 pm

    I bet with you there it will be a killer event lady!

  • Daphne
    October 8, 2013 at 7:11 pm

    Whoo hoo – I want to attend a Blogalicious event soon!

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